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The Virtue of Wisdom

Wisdom consists of knowledge, experience, awareness and intuition.  


With knowledge we have the know how and skills required to accomplish something.  Knowledge may be external or internal, and external knowledge consists of knowing about things outside of ourselves.  This includes knowing about software, electronics, science, or anything 'out there.'  Inner knowledge or self-knowledge is the understanding we have about ourself.  Understanding our emotions, conditioning, behaviors and inner psychology is all self-knowledge.  We can gain greater inner knowledge through counseling, coaching, meditation and self-inquiry.

Knowledge is 'know how' and possessing skills and understanding.  
Experience is a vital aspect of wisdom as it gives us real world insight into life.
Intuition bridges the knowledge of our minds with the feelings of the body.  
Awareness is knowing and presence in the moment.  Knowledge without presence is subject to reactivity.  
Wisdom integrates what we know, what we have experienced, what we feel (intuition)
and present moment awareness.  
Through integrating these four aspects of wisdom we can better assess situations and arrive at more optimum outcomes.  As knowledge is fundamental to wisdom it is useful to have information, skills and expertise. Knowledge forms the foundation of wisdom.  
When we apply our knowledge to real world activities, we can refine our understanding through experience. Knowledge without experience is subject to being theoretical and may lack practical application.  Through experience we test the boundaries of our knowledge, and push it further through experimentation and refinement.  
Intuition Unites the Knowledge of Our Minds with the Wisdom and Feelings of the Body
Intuition is grounded in the body's experience, feelings and wisdom.  The body has evolved many automatic systems that detect the imperceptible and send fast signals to the brain for cognition and conscious awareness.  Often times when we have an intuitive feeling, it is the body sending an important signal to the brain for processing and conscious assessment.  By listening to our intuition we are allowing for mind-body unity and intelligence.  
Awareness is related to mindfulness and consists of being present in the moment and fully aware of our minds, body's and environment.  Present moment awareness allows us to perceive more clearly without the filters of conditioning.  When we are aware we have a clear state of mind that is functioning at a high level.  Presence and awareness can be cultivated through active listening, bio-feedback, yoga, and meditation.