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Success and Providing Value

December 5, 2017

It is often said that to be successful in business and life we need to provide value and benefit to others. When we provide value to others we gain their respect, appreciation, loyalty, business, friendship and love. By being valuable to other people, one can find a high degree of satisfaction and fulfillment. Much of our happiness is found in our various types of relationships, such as with our friends and family.  We may also find a lot of happiness in serving our customers, with co-workers or by sharing our skills with people. By being of value and benefit to people, we can strengthen our social bonds, satisfy our customers and clients, and share in life’s rich and diverse social experiences.


When others value us a tremendous amount of life satisfaction can be found. Being valued by others translates into good business, a rich emotional life and nourishing relationships.


Success then should not only be measured in our own individual achievements, but it can also be measured by the value and benefit that we give to and share with other people.


If we reflect on some of our happiest moments in life, we will find that they are often filled with people. Becoming a parent, falling in love, or earning the respect of our colleagues are all examples of how happiness is unified with the presence of others.  Therefore, as we reflect on success, let us not only consider our own individual achievements, but let’s also define success in relation to the amount of life satisfaction that we share with others. Expanding our definition of success to include other people, is a hallmark of finding intimate and fulfilling happiness in life.


An excerpt from The Seven Virtues for Success and Happiness



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