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A Strong Sense of Justice Creates Leadership

January 24, 2018

When we feel a strong inclination and committment to justice, or to stand for a cause, it creates the foundation for becoming a leader. 


Justice as a virtue carries with it the character strengths of fairness, membership and leadership. 


Fairness is the first fundamental aspect of justice, as the very definition of justice is, ‘fair behavior and treatment.’  Justice then is equivalent to wanting fairness and equality. 


Seeking justice shows people that we are interested in serving their needs, and when we want fairness and equality for people, this earns peoples trust and respect. 



Having peoples respect and trust is a fundamental quality of a leader.  Trust brings people together, and unites us in membership. 


The person who is genuine in looking after the needs and rights of others, displays the character of leadership. 


A leader is concerned about the good of others, and in doing that commands their trust.  People believe in leaders, and are inspired by their actions. 


To be a leader is to show responsibility for the dignity, well-being, and success of other people.  


As leaders stand for the benefit of others, they are part of a membership with shared values, goals and ambitions.  To be a leader requires serving the needs of others, and guiding people to the proper course of actions to realize their goals.


To lead a group requires courage, and the ability to bring people together in an united spirit of teamwork. Success comes when we put together the right team of people, and having the right team is one of the three most important things for success in business.    


In human rights, success and change come when enough people come together in membership and make a substantial impact on the staus quo.


Leaders are able to unite people for a cause, while motivating and inspiring them to move forward inspite of obstacles. Leaders move their communities, and rather than being pre-occupied with their own success, they place the needs of their communities first. 


In standing for the benefit of others, fostering teamwork, and tending to the needs and aspirations of people, leaders have a rich source of authentic happiness. 


James Spears




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