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The 7 Virtues, Genuine Success and Authentic Happiness

January 20, 2018

The seven virtues form the cornerstone of genuine success and happiness. 


In this article we will briefly discuss how the seven virtues of courage, temperance, diligence, justice, humanity, wisdom and transcendence are essential to both authentic happiness and success.  


Courage is the root virtue upon which all the other virtues grow from.  With courage we can overcome our fears, and live in our core strengths with full self-confidence.  When we use courage to prevail over life’s challenges and fears, we can accomplish our ambitions and aims.  In doing this success and happiness are natural outcomes.  

Temperance is the virtue of living in moderation.  Living in harmony with the polarities of life, stabilizes us in balance and equanimity.  When we live in moderation and balance, we can be naturally content and satisfied.  In this way our success and happiness is not dependent on external gratifications and pleasures.  Temperance is also related to prudence and self-discipline, and these three qualities form the basis for true self-mastery.  With self-mastery comes all the success and happiness we could ever want.  


Diligence is the virtue that see us through challenges and difficulties, and is the work horse for achieving well earned success and happiness.  With diligence we persist until our goals and aims are accomplished and manifest fully into our lives.  The fulfillment that comes from diligently realizing our aims, brings a sense of success and happiness that can not be bought, consumed or relished in by the senses alone.


Justice as a virtue represents fairness, equality and respect for others.  It is a virtue that is aligned with caring for the good of others, and the good for all.  When we have an interest in ensuring our communities are equitable and just, we create lasting bonds with people.  Since much of our success and happiness depends on others in some way or another, establishing fairness, equality and respect strengthens our communities and social lives.  


Humanity as a virtue relates to love, kindness and compassion.  Similar to justice, in that both virtues connect us to people, humanity is the heart of the virtues.  Without love, kindness and compassion is genuine success and happiness even possible?  Our greatest successes and joys are always intimately connected to our relationships with people. 


Wisdom is characterized by knowledge, awareness, experience and intuition.  Under knowledge we can speak of the external knowledge of things, or the inner knowledge of self.  Both forms of knowledge gives us fulfillment and satisfaction, and the ability to discover what authentic happiness and success truly are.  With wisdom we hold the keys to understanding that which brings us the greatest joys and triumphs.  


Transcendence is the virtue that takes us beyond ourselves.  With transcendence we move beyond our ego (which often causes much suffering.)  In transcending ourselves we can better connect to our communities, humanity, beauty and nature.  Transcendence brings us to a state of humility with great appreciation, respect, and awe for this miracle of existence - The Joyful Triumph or Transcendence.    


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