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Character Strengths of Wisdom in Positive Psychology
In positive psychology they recognize six attributes of wisdom, these are: love of learning, curiosity, creativity, open-mindedness, perspective and judgement or critical thinking.  
Open-Mindedness - When we are open-minded, we are receptive to life in all of its varieties, and seek to have right understanding.  Being receptive in this way, allows us to open up to life, without feeling the need to hold on to our own opinions, ideas and beliefs.  When we attach to our own ideas, or identify too strongly with our beliefs, it can be a source of suffering.  Open-mindedness can also be a source of great inner freedom.
Perspective - Perspective refers to our ability to see things from different points of view, and hence with a wider lens. People with perspective are said to be able to see the big picture. Being able to shift perspectives is a high-level form of knowledge that can be useful in transforming our thoughts, learning to think positive, improving our relationships, and increasing our social intelligence. According to positive psychology, people with the character strength of perspective, are good at giving advice and understanding life from multiple angles, especially as it relates to important questions and the meaning of life. People with perspective are able to look at the world in a way that makes sense to others and to themselves, and it is seen as the character strength closest to wisdom. (Seligman, Authentic Happiness)
Judgement / Critical Thinking - When judgement is used in positive psychology it is also equivalent to critical thinking.  Judgement allows us to examine details objectively, reconsider beliefs, and make decisions and conclusions based on objective discretion. So while judgement and open-mindedness are both able to consider other perspectives, judgment utilizes critical thinking to arrive at a decision or conclusion.
Love of Learning - Is an essential strength to have for achieving success in any kind of chosen endeavor. With learning comes knowledge, and having an understanding of subject material is required for mastery, skill and professionalism.  When we love to learn we seek out new perspectives, remain open-minded and curious.
What's something new you can learn that is related to your field of expertise?
Curiosity - When we are curious we take interest in something.  Curiosity drives us forward to explore, question, learn and inquire into things.  Traveling to new places can invoke a sense of curiosity.  Maintaining curiosity helps to keep life fresh and new.  Children are very curious by nature, and this propels them to ask questions.  
Creativity - Creativity is essential in many aspects of life, business and adapting to a quickly changing world. Creativity fuels innovation, new product development, and artistically it provides a reservoir of inspiration, beauty and appreciation for life.
Many of the wisdom character strengths are inter-related and assist one another in development.  For instance, the ability to consider other perspectives is a kind of open-mindedness, and if one is able to act on what they learn from other peoples perspectives it can lead to creativity and critical thinking.