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Intro to the book 7 Virtues for Transformation and Self-Empowerment

Personal transformation is radical change that requires profound shifts in thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviors, and lifestyle. To make this kind of change requires us to cultivate courage, overcome our fears, and reconstruct any self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve us. This can occur on personal levels, in relationships, and in our various social dynamics. When we know that change is necessary in some aspect of life, courage is often the core virtue required to power forward movement in the face of uncertainty and adversity.  


As we begin to transform our lives in new and creative ways, overcoming fear and its connections with self-doubt and anxiety, requires that we utilize our courage, strength, and self-confidence. Fear can often hold us back, preventing our growth and development, as it pairs with anxiety, weakness, and vulnerability. While fear does play an important role in protecting us from harm, it can also unconsciously undermine our best efforts and most noble aspirations. 


When we seek to make positive and productive changes in life, it is essential to transform on many levels. To do this requires overcoming anything that holds us back, and fear is often at the root of what prevents people from achieving their fullest potential.  In getting past our fears and living courageous and powerful lives, it is essential that we know our natural inner strengths, and cultivate them according to our values and goals.  There are many kinds of strengths that we can consider, and they are often related to our natural talents, previous experiences, ability to learn, organize, lead, and communicate. When we identify our strengths and bring them into our daily lives, we are in a good position to make positive changes and achieve our goals.  


In order to fulfill our higher purposes we need to have some kind of systematic approach to reach our aims.  The first step in this process is about having awareness.  When we are aware of our strengths, limitations, fears, and behavioral patterns, we are in a good position to make the exact changes that are necessary to get to where we want to be.  With awareness we possess the knowledge required for living life to its fullest.  Once we are aware of our strengths, goals, and life purpose, we can then evaluate how to accomplish what we want out of life, and then take the requisite actions to fulfill our dreams. Do you have an intimate road map for living the life you dream of?  If not, you better get one.     


As we cultivate our natural strengths and inner courage, we can apply these to our personal lives, relationships, careers, and in living a deep and meaningful life. With strength and courage we empower ourselves with the authority to act, and make a positive difference in the world. Without strength and courage we are bound to remain stuck in ruts, become stagnant, and dissatisfied.  Courage, strength, and empowerment give us the core elements to make the changes we want, and then see it through until we realize our goals and pursuits.  


In the spirit of growing to your fullest potential, I offer you the opportunity to overcome your fears, self-doubt, and anything else that holds you back. This book contains several core methods, and easy to use practices, that will allow you to make massive transformations in every aspect of your life. From developing ever greater awareness, to the seven keys of self-empowerment, the following pages will give you the practical information you need to be unstoppable. It’s your life!  Are you ready to live in the fullness of your natural strengths, inner courage, and self-empowerment?


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