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Healthy Mind Coaching
This form of coaching works to develop our fullest potentials, uncover hidden patterns that hold us back, all while developing greater self-acceptance, awareness, and inner love.  
Its starts with a goal in mind, and that might be to build more self-confidence, change old negative belief systems, overcome fear, anxiety, and depression, or improve your outlook on life.  
The Healthy Mind Coaching Program is a custom tailored program specific for each persons needs, it will help you to:
  • Get Results Quickly
  • Identify Counter-Productive Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Reframe and Reprogram Negative Patterns
  • Identify Inherent Character Structures
  • Develop Your Character Strengths
  • Restore Purpose, Motivation, and Meaning
My 3 Step Program Produces Quick Results
1. Awareness - The First Step - In this phase we focus on your current state, needs, and goals.
Developing awareness of your current thought patterns, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors is crucial to making positive change.  In defining SMART goals, we will determine concise objectives.  
2. Assessment - Evaluate How to Make Change
In this phase we determine the most efficient ways to create profound transformation. This may occur through uncovering unconscious beliefs, identifying character structures and strengths, reframing, and developing more healthy self-images. 
3. Action - The Force that Sustains Results
Here we develop action plans, and practical methods for moving forward.  With the help of a coach you can better manage and determine the best actions to take.
The Psychology of Triads and Character Structure Analysis

In holistic health programs we seek to understand the conscious level of symptomatic conditions, as well as any root causative factors.  When you are aware of some health problem such as excessive anxiety, depression, or pain, that is a symptom - symptoms are what you feel, and are aware of. 

Excessive negative thinking, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders are often the symptoms of deeper level character structure imbalances.  


One aspect of the Healthy Mind Program is to identify common feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, and then become aware of what character structures are behind our conscious patterns.

Suppose someone suffers from anxiety and self-doubt.  These feelings may manifest in one’s social life, relationships, career and business.  This may prevent one from taking healthy risks, engaging with people, and starting a new project or business. 


When one is aware of the anxiety and self-doubt, we can then begin to work with the thoughts and emotions that accompany these feelings.  Techniques such as reframing and questioning the validity of those thoughts, can be useful and are used in CBT and NLP.  


We may also ask what is the root causative factor of the anxiety and self-doubt. 

Character structure analysis allows us to understand the deeper levels of

one’s personality, or sub-personalities.


Character structure analysis allows us to understand the deeper levels of

one’s personality, or sub-personalities.

Inner Critic
Wounded Inner Child

For someone with excessive anxiety and self-doubt, we may find character structures such as the inner critic, the victim, or perhaps a wounded inner child.  Similarly, there may be other forces at play such as a lack of inner strengths, low self-confidence, etc.  


When we identify the two most common feelings, such as anxiety and self-doubt, we can then work to find a third causative character factor.  Working with three inter-related feelings, beliefs, sub-personalities, and character structures, gives us a good handle on making positive inner change. 

The Psychology of Success & Positive Triads

Just as there are negative triads that exist in our minds, there are also positive triads that deserve to be cultivated.  





If we stay focused on our strengths, we can use them to move forward

with confidence and conviction.  

We can start to build these in numerous ways, but staring with a person's inner strengths is a good beginning point. 


Let’s say someone wants to start a new project, this could be a book, a new career and business, or even a new relationship.  

When we start something new it is fairly common that uncertainty and anxiety will arise.  However, when we use our strengths as a foundation we can begin to build confidence, and other positive character traits.

Goals, Purpose, Meaning
Character Traits