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Courage, Strength and Confidence
Keys to Successful Living 

Courage is the root virtue that overcomes fear and the things that hold us back in life.  Courage is a basis for achieving success and is essential for having authentic happiness.  

Fear is the Greatest Obstacle to Your Success and Happiness  
Fear of Failure
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Success 
Fear of ????
Do you know how to overcome it?
Build Courage in Your Mind, Body, 
Communication and Relationships
Courage Increases Self-Confidence
Courage can be Embodied
Build Your Inner Voice of Courage
Courageous Communication
Do you know how to live it?

As long as fear prevents you from moving forward, your life will be limited and confined.  What is your greatest fear that holds you back in life?

Fear and Courage are Opposites

We are Either Confined by Fear or Expanding with Courage

Fear is one of the most common things that hold people back in life, and prevents them from achieving their goals. Right now, fear is likely preventing you from doing something that you really want to do. Be it fear of public speaking, fear of asking someone on a date, the fear of starting a business, or writing a book, fear often stops us from having success and freedom.   

The Triad of Courage

Courage, Confidence and Strength

Courage gives us determination in spite of our fears.
Fear confines us and holds us back from success.
Which side do you live on?
To Cultivate Courage, Build Strength and Nourish Self-Confidence
To achieve success and happiness in life it is essential to overcome the fears, self-doubt, and weaknesses that hold us back. Through developing greater self-confidence, building our strengths, and cultivating courage, we can accomplish our goals and ambitions.  
  • Core Strengths give us the ability, power, and vigor
  • Courage gives us the conviction
To increase courage it is essential to have good self-confidence. To boost self-confidence it is crucial to develop our strengths.  To build our strengths is an aspect of self-knowledge.  
With Awareness, Assessment, and Action you can Achieve Success and Happiness
Cultivating Courage Can Occur on the Physical, Psychological, and Social Levels
Courage, strength, and confidence can be embodied on the physical level. When you feel these qualities in your body, you can act more decisively in your mind.
Socially we need to display courage, strength and confidence in various situations.  Our careers and relationships depend on us having these qualities.
Developing courage of mind and heart is essential to having the conviction to accomplish our goals, pursuits and dreams.  
Cultivate Your  Inner Voice of Courage
When we say to ourselves something like "I'm afraid....." What we are really saying is "I am fear."
Fear speaks to us with a very specific voice.
Becoming Aware of our Inner Voice of Fear is one of the first steps to Developing Courage of Mind.
  • Awareness
  • Assessment
  • Action
Using a simple 3 point system, we can transform our fear into its opposite of courage.  This can be done physically, emotionally, mentally and socially.
Are You Ready to Become More Courageous and Confident?
The Cultivating Courage
6 Week Course - Starts Soon
6 Weeks of In-Depth Online Training 
5 Hours of Audio files
Workbook PDF's for each section
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Your Full Satisfaction
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Courage is the Root Virtue and Essential for Authentic Happiness and Success

What You Will Learn in the Course

The Courage Triad  of Courage, Strength and Self-Confidence -  These are all connected and by increasing one you will also benefit the others.  If you want to increase self-confidence you should also build your strengths and cultivate courage.

The 3 Point System for Radical Change - This is based on what psychology knows about how to create change.  Using this system you can have a greater understanding of how to actually create lasting and positive change in your thoughts and behaviors.  

Body Courage Training - Courage can exist on many levels, if you don't feel courage in your body then it is more difficult to take confident and courageous actions.  

An Understanding of How to Transform the Inner Voice of Fear into the Inner Voice of Courage - Fear is a inner voice that speaks to you in specific ways, if you are unaware of this voice of fear, then it will hold you back and confine your reality and life.  

The Fundamentals of Courageous Communication - This can be applied to all kinds of social interactions from meeting people to public speaking. 

The Cultivating Courage Course Starts Soon

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