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James Spears M.S. is the author of 7 Virtues for Success and Happiness and 7 Virtues for Transformation and Self-Empowerment. He has a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine, acupuncture and herbs. Additionally, he has been extensively involved in meditation, personal development, psychology, business, exercise, martial arts and teaching for over 20 years.  He has lived in 6 countries while writing on many topics including medicine, diet, acupuncture, relationships, yoga and meditation. His new book 7 Virtues for Success and Happiness is the integration of his diverse background and studies.  It is written as a practical tool for giving people the courage, heart, and wisdom to transform their lives radically. James is currently traveling the world, speaking, writing, easing pain, and teaching various moving arts and meditations.  

Cultivating Courage Online Course

Achieving success and happiness starts with overcoming fears, and anything else that is holding you back from being your best. By cultivating courage, building your strengths and nourishing self-confidence you can establish a foundation for success and authentic happiness.  Read more.... 

Natural Health

James has been in the natural health care field for many years. His specialties are in mind-body medicine, women's health and herbal medicine.  Additionally, he offers counseling in voice dialogue and is especially passionate about helping people overcome their inner critics. Read more...